At Manor House Nursery, Food and Nutrition Are Vitally Important.


We know that if you start active, you’ll stay active.

It’s great to see how young children develop healthy attitudes and healthy routines. This will stay with them for the rest of their lives. We offer an amazing chance for children to be active in a really fun place.

There’s unlimited water and milk all day long which is easy for the children to get to. This makes sure they stay well hydrated, especially when they’ve been busy.

During years 0-5, young children experience huge growth spurts. This needs to be supported by opportunities for rest and sleep. Research shows that when children take daytime naps, their brains are more active than when they’re awake. This is a processing time and helps children cope with stress, anxiety and improves their well being.

A tired child is an unhappy child! So here at Manor House Nursery we ensure that we listen to the voices of our children and enable them to sleep when necessary. To us it’s vital that children have this crucial naptime. Food is important too; so every day we provide healthy meals and snacks. Read more about this under ‘Nutrition’.


We know healthy food and drink have an effect on a child’s growth, mood, concentration and behaviour.

So, we supply freshly prepared breakfast and tea, fresh fruit is included every day and available for children to prepare as part of their morning and afternoon snacks.

Lunchtimes, there’s a choice. Lunch is either a nutritious packed-lunch supplied by parents and carers, or a hot lunch ordered from our website (see "Meals' tab above). Using the government's 'Eat Better, Start Better" guide, we prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced hot lunches fresh each day on site. Also, it’s amazing to see, that by eating together as one big family at meal times, children get a sense of belonging, encouraging them to try new foods, develop good manners and to start chatting, helping even the fussiest of eaters!

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